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Designer: Lindsey Brady

Developer: Eoin O’Malley

Video Editors: Lindsey Brady & Heather Young

Hand Lettering: Henry Diltz


Home page – Wildwood Flower by John Sebastian

Roots & Youth – Body and Soul by Coleman Hawkins

Musical Journey Episodes – Harpoon by John Sebastian

Musical Friends – Japanese Silky by Norman Greenbaum

Early Productions – Green Rocky Road by Tim Hardin

Discography – Brief Synthophonia by Sopwith Camel

Shorts – Sweet Moments by The Blue Velvet Band

Travels – Ramblin' Man by The Blue Velvet Band

Collections – Dicky by Edwardo Unz

Publications – 5 Pennies by Norman Greenbaum

Archives – Fond Affection by The Blue Velvet Band

I want to thank my old buddy Henry Diltz for his contribution of photographs and his terrific hand script included throughout this website. And to all the other photographers and musicians whose work I so freely borrowed, I extend my heartfelt thanks.