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In the first years of the 20th century, newly mobile American travelers, hunters, and fisherman headed out by horseback, buggy, car, and boat. Their destination? The Great Outdoors! Whether in the photo studio or out with their new “Brownie” cameras, successful hunters and fishers posed proudly with their catches, sending their photographic postcards, then called “postals,” back home through the US Mail. Separated by vast distances, before the advent of the telephone, friends and family were naturally excited to receive a note and photo sent from afar. In 1907 an estimated 656 million cards were sent in the United States alone!
Old-Timey Sportsmen contains a gallery of uniquely American historical photos that take us back a century ago, when these wonderful images were captured and preserved for posterity. Also included are personal, hand-written messages. You will love this collection of photographic images, each bearing witness to memorable moments in the lives of these early 20th century outdoorsmen and women.


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